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Every person charged with a drug trafficking crime deserves strong and aggressive defense. Michael D. Becker will not only fight for your rights but also secure your freedom. He is your best option to win. For a free consultation, please call (305) 538-0520 so we can discuss your case.

Drug Trafficking is by definition, the intentional sale, manufacturing, delivery or transportation of a large number of narcotics. The most common cases are marijuana, cocaine, morphine and heroine. According to Florida Statute the minimum drug amount varies depending on the type of substance involved.

The minimum threshold quantity needed to support a trafficking charge in Florida are: for Cannabis it is 25 pounds, for Cocaine is 28 grams and for Fentanyl or heroin is 4 grams. The potentially applicable minimum mandatory sentence increases with the amount of drugs trafficked.


In some cases, it can be charged as a federal crime which will result in harsher penalties. For instance, simple possessing is known as a state crime whereas trafficking is a federal crime. Moreover, the law considers federal drug charges as felonies and the penalties could include fines up to $250,000, property and real estate forfeiture and many years in prison. If you are not a US citizen you could also be deported.

 As such, hiring an experienced attorney would be very advantageous to you. Michael D. Becker will build the best line of defense against your drug trafficking charges.


  • The type and amount of drugs involved.
  • Prior felony convictions.
  • If the crime occurs within 1,000 feet of a church or school.
  • Whether children were involved or targeted.
  • The status of the defendant as an adult or minor.
  • Whether it involves moving substances across the international borders.
  • If a person got seriously injured or killed during the crime.


  • Federal & State Crimes

  • White Collar Crimes

  • Medicare Fraud

  • Internet & Computer Crimes

  • Bank Fraud

  • Drug trafficking & possession

  • Sex Crimes

  • Gun Crimes

  • Theft Crimes

  • DUI Defense

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“Strong character, unwavering dedication, with clear understanding of the law moreover he quickly brings a sense of comfort in the legal matters at hand. Michael D Becker is my best choice in representation hence the best in over all value. Peace of mind is worth more; Experience and brilliance are not extra extraordinary. It's just the way Mr Becker provides his service."

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“He kept all of us updated as the case progressed, and he went above and beyond, visiting my home to collect discovery personally and taking my oft-times bizarre from-confinement-calls at all hours. He did this all with a disarming yet professional manner which put me and my family at ease during a very stressful time."

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"When I got arrested I was being told all different stories from different attorney's I was recommended to Mr Becker. He was Bold, Direct, Honest. Told me like it was. No BS. Most Attorney's want to tell you what you want to hear. He does not."

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