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When we talk about medical fraud, we refer to an individual or a company who tries to collect Medicare health care payments under illegal and false pretenses. Although many organizations exist to do this in different ways, they all have something in common: They’re trying to get a piece of the Medicare industry’s funding.

If you are convicted of Medicare fraud you will face harsh penalties according to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and disbarment from HHS programs.



Damages can range up to three times the amount of the crime that has been charged against you. Moreover, you could lose your ability to take part in Medicare programs ever again.  Lastly, you could be jailed depending on the circumstances of the case and if you are not a US citizen deportation could also be a possibility.

So If you have been accused of Medicare fraud, don’t hesitate and call Michael D. Becker. He will stand with you to ensure your rights are protected as well as fight diligently on your behalf. All your concerns will be answered in an efficient manner as soon as possible.

Even though Medical fraud can take different guises with new ones showing up daily, we can sum up to 3 types.


  • Phantom billing: The medical provider bills Medicare for unnecesary procedures and test as well as buy equipment that is billed as new but it is not.
  •  Patient billing: In this scenario, the patient himself can be For example: a patient who is in on the scam provides his Medicare number in exchange for kickbacks or a patient may provide his Medicare number and allow a provider to bill Medicare for tests and procedure either unneeded or unfulfilled.
  • Upcoding scheme and unbundling: This fraud seeks to receive additional Medicare funds illegally. For instance, Inflating bills by using a billing code that indicates the patient needs expensive procedures.


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