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Experienced criminal defense attorney in Miami, Florida.


Attorney Michael Becker represents clients throughout Miami Florida and has decades worth of experience in legal proceedings that is essential to giving you the best chance in resolving your case positively.

The legal team of Michael Becker handles a wide variety of criminal defense cases for clients all over Miami city and the surrounding regions.  Depicted in movies as a place with volatility and high-profile cases, anyone in the Miami area who has been caught by any legal dispute is advised to act as fast as possible and involve experienced criminal defense attorneys with knowledge of South Florida to represent your case.


Are you seeking the best representation possible for your case? Don’t waste your time with anyone who won’t fight the hardest possible fight for your case.  We have proven many times that our office can bring positive results and alleviated criminal punishments.  Our mission is to fight for the underdog in the big fight against uneven odds.  The lawyer & attorney services in Miami, Florida we provide can absolutely tip the scale in your favor.  The law offices of Michael Becker have decades of experience defending clients involved in:

  • Federal & State Crimes

  • White Collar Crimes

  • Medicare Fraud

  • Internet & Computer Crimes

  • Bank Fraud

  • Drug trafficking & possession

  • Sex Crimes

  • Gun Crimes

  • Theft Crimes

  • DUI Defense

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